First Time Blogger

The other night I somehow stumbled upon my old LiveJournal account…yes, LiveJournal. If you don’t know what LiveJournal is or never had one I’ll explain. It’s pre facebook, pre myspace and basically a diary of sorts where you post your thoughts/feelings online for everyone to see. Oh and you also say what your current mood is/what music you are listening to. Kind of like Xanga blog if you had one of those. My first post was on August 3, 2004. 14 year old me loved using LiveJournal and it was so crazy finding mine and reading my old posts! Also, SO embarrassing. I cannot believe some of the things I wrote out in the open just posted for anyone to read.

I then sent the LiveJournal link to my friend (we also found her LiveJournal entries-just hilarious) and we were cracking up while reminiscing about some of our early high school memories. Also, we were just in shock about how we used to talk/type. After I finished reading all 34 posts, I found myself wishing I had written more so that I could read them now.

So I decided to start a new blog. This blog-hopefully a little more sophisticated than my LiveJournal-where I can look back on my adventures and reminisce just like I did with my early high school memories. Follow along if you like!

A post from my LiveJournal on Dec. 29, 2004.

“Well it’s almost 2005! It’s hard to believe, I mean 2004 just started right? God the years go by faster and faster. So I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet. I guess go to Gabby’s, she said she can have a lot of people over so who knows. New Years always makes me realize that life really is short. Pretty soon it will be 2010..haha okay maybe not so soon but soon enough. I wonder what my new years resolution will be…..”

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