Wedding Day Dreams

I didn’t shared many detail photos of our wedding last year and since my husband and I recently celebrated our 1 year anniversary I thought I would now. Plus, I created this blog as a way to look back and remember my adventures and this is definitely a day that I want to remember every detail from 🙂 (FYI long post ahead).


Venue: Trinity Tree Farm We got married at The Lodge at Trinity Tree Farm in Issaquah, WA and felt this was a perfect venue for us. An outdoor ceremony with Christmas trees as the backdrop and an indoor reception with classic white lights and plenty of space for our guests. We loved the PNW vibe mixed with a romantic and elegant feel.

Catering: The Tall Chef Tommy and I love to cook together. One of our favorite things to make is tacos because they are so delicious and also so easy to make. This led to an easy decision to have a taco bar at our wedding and it did not disappoint. (Jack from The Tall Chef is very talented – we have already used his catering services again for special occasions and a few of our friends are using him for their upcoming 2021 weddings).

Dessert: My husband had two best men at our wedding. He has known them and their families since elementary school. One of their moms is an amazing baker and created our wedding cake. She also made cupcakes for dessert. It was so much fun going to ‘tastings’ at her home. It felt so special to us that she was part of our day, since she is like Tommy’s second mom. And the cake was absolutely DELICIOUS!

Florals: BloomTara our florist was amazing! She sent us a mood board and completely nailed our my (lol) vision with blush and green tones. Fun fact, we met her about 4 years who when we first got our dog Edgar. She owns an indoor/outdoor Dog Park + Bar (check out my post Dogwood Play Park to learn more about her space). She created the bridal bouquets and gorgeous arbor. For our centerpieces, boutonnieres and sweetheart table, one of my bridesmaid’s mom was kind enough to make these. She is a master gardener and is incredible at what she does. The garden at her home looks like it could be out of a magazine. We felt so grateful she did this for us.

My grandma passed away in 2015 and left me her wedding ring which I tied to my bouquet.

Dress + Shoes: My wedding dress was from Dolce Bleu and I am so grateful for their help. Long story short, I found a dress at their store that fit me perfectly that they no longer carried. They offered to have the dress dry-cleaned since it was the store sample. When I picked up my dress it had a yellowish tint to it. They called around other boutiques, found the same dress/designer (Martina Liana) and ordered me a brand new one. It was definitely an ordeal but it all worked out in the end. My reception dress was from BHLDN and shoes were Jeffery Campbell.

Hair + Makeup: Since I had 7 bridesmaids + my mom and mother-in-law, we needed a couple of people to help us with our hair and makeup. Joey Van Pelt and my friend Alana did makeup and helped with hair. I met Joey about 8 years ago through a friend of a friend. Random fact, she was on Big Brother Season 16. She and Alana were great (love you Alana!). Leah from Zo and Co Styling did my hair. A couple of weeks before our wedding date, I got a ‘trim’ at a new salon nearby. The lady took off way more than a trim so I used Luxy Hair extensions and Leah ensured everything was blended and looked natural. We started hair and makeup early…I can’t remember the exact time but I want to say like 6am early. All worth it though especially since I got to spend even more time with my besties the morning of my wedding day!

Wanted to add some portraits of my hubby because he looks so good! He def did not wake up at 6am to get ready. Probably woke up around 10 or so, showered, got dressed and was ready to go.

DJ + Photo booth: DJ Daron I think a great DJ or Band is important for a wedding because they help keep things moving and keep the party going. Our DJ also offered photo booth services and this was such a blast. I have always loved photo booths at weddings, plus the photostrips make a great keepsake for guests.

Stationary: I used a template off Etsy to design our invitations and then printed them on CatPrint (much cheaper than Minted and great quality). I made the menus, fans and signs using the same template and just printed on my home printer with card stock. My favorite sign I made was our signature drink The Edgar because I wanted to somehow include our pup on our special day. Dogs were allowed at our venue but if you know Edgar you know that would have been a disaster waiting to happen.

Wedding Party Attire: Bridesmaid dresses were Show Me Your Mumu in blush. Groomsmen rentals were The Black Tux.

Gifts: The girls were given Bridesmaid Robes and Jean Jackets (check out my blog post Hand Painted Denim Jackets to read about how I made them). The boys were given Duke Cufflinks to honor one of Tommy’s best friend who passed away in 2015. My mom and dad were given Mother + Father Handkerchiefs. I gave my mom, step-mom and mother-in-law necklaces from one of my favorite jewelry shops, GLDN. We gave our officiant (Tommy’s friend growing up) this Custom Officiant Flask with his face on it.

Little Details: I think all the little details in a wedding make it that much more special. Some of my favorite from ours are: Advice for Marriage Book – My 2nd grade students wrote us marriage advice. I turned their advice into a book and absolutely cherish this. Corn Hole – My father-in-law designed and built this for us. Edgar’s Cantina Bar Sign – Because we love going to Mariner’s Games and we love our dog Edgar (I used my Cricut to make this). Kappa 2 Kanuch Sign – The first picture of Tommy and I taken together when we were 19 at a college house party. A gift from one of my best friends that now hangs in our home (didn’t get a pic of this). T+N Wine Glasses – A gift from my maid of honor which we now use for special occasions.

Lodging + Transportation: We stayed at The Marriot hotel in Bellevue because it was close to our venue. The night before our wedding, we got drinks in the lobby and went out to a restaurant close by with our bridal party and family. On our actual wedding day after we left the reception, a bunch of us went out to a bar close to the hotel to keep the party going. This made for a fun little wedding weekend. We used BMC Limos for transportation to and from The Tree Farm.

Photographer + Videographer: All the pictures I’m sharing on this post are from Luke and Mallory. Our friend Jens Bracht was our videographer. We are so happy with how our photos and video turned out! Below is our wedding video.

If you made it to the end of this blog post…wow, congrats because it was a long one! Hopefully if you are a bride in WA reading this, you found it helpful in planning your special day (I tried to link everything). I especially enjoyed writing this post because it brought me right back to our wedding day and gave me all the feels. Cheers to marriage. Cheers to planning weddings. And cheers to all the future brides. 🙂

Hot Tub Boat Adventure – Seattle, WA

My husband Tommy and I celebrated 1 year of marriage last weekend! It’s so crazy to think a year has already passed by. I feel like we got married just yesterday and can’t believe how quickly time is going. I wanted to surprise Tommy with something fun and unique for our anniversary and stumbled upon Hot Tub Boats which is exactly as it sounds, a hot tub in a boat!

We rented our private Hot Tub Boat and cruised around Lake Union. It was SO MUCH FUN! Also so very easy to drive. There is a small joystick which you maneuver around to determine where you want to go. It felt like a video game. The boat goes about as fast as kayakers and felt very safe. It’s large enough to hold 6 people. There was also plenty of room around if we got too hot and wanted to sit outside the tub (I jumped into the lake to cool off).

We brought some boxed wine (super classy but ya know it’s a hot tub), put some music on the speaker and soaked in the views. Our rental was for 2 hours and this allowed us to make a loop by Gas Works Park and back.

We had an absolute blast! This was such a unique experience and definitely an adventure I won’t forget, especially to celebrate our 1 year of marriage. If you are in the Seattle area, I highly recommend renting a Hot Tub Boat, no matter what month it is. We are already looking forward to doing this again with a group of friends!

Best Day Ever?

Reminiscing almost 8 months after your wedding must mean you had such an amazing day, right? Some might say the best day ever? Honestly, I think about our wedding day often. Sometimes when I look at my husband while he is singing and dancing in the kitchen, playing with our pup Edgar, making silly nosies + sounds or keeping up with my extreme weirdness, (and I do mean extreme – only a select few know how weird I truly am)….I think about our wedding day. I think about who I married and how I made the absolute best choice. Even though in marriage the choice is mutual, I still like to pat myself on the back for making a good one.

I remember about two months after Tommy and I got married, someone was asking me about our wedding day (she was getting married in a couple of months) and was asking me if, “it really was the best day of my life?” Because you know, that is what everyone always says…#BEST DAY EVER!

At first I remember telling her yes, absolutely! Then I suddenly stopped myself as I thought about this question more and I told her no. No, it was not the best day of my life. Shocker, I know. But the reason why it wasn’t the best day of my life was because I didn’t want to choose one “best day.”

I have been with my husband for 10+ years, married for under 1 and while our wedding day was absolutely amazing (I wouldn’t change one single thing about it), it didn’t seem fair to call it the best day ever. How was I supposed to choose and put so much pressure on just one day, when I felt like there were so many other best days in our relationship over the years that we’ve been together?

Like the time we had a Seattle tourists date through Pike Place and went on The Great Wheel, when I surprised him on Valentine’s Day in his extended stay hotel room in New York, watching The Lion King on Broadway, when we celebrated NYE in New Orleans, when we spent the day determining the best Cheese Steaks in Philly (Dalessandros hands down), the time we bathed elephants in Thailand, saw John Legend in concert before he was JOHN LEGEND! (my absolute favorite singer), went to Edmonds beach for a picnic and watched the sunset, ordered Chinese food for a family of five (even though it was just for the two of us) and stuffed our faces at home on the couch, when we went out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants E.pulo Bistro, the day we got the keys to our house, when we drank Big Mamas at Jalapeños in Bellingham, took a road trip along the Oregon coast, that first day home with Edgar…I could go on and on.

So why would I want to and how could I choose just one day, our wedding, as the best day ever when we have already had so many best days and we still have so many more to come (fingers crossed).

But for the sake of reminiscing, I have uploaded some photos of our wedding. Because who wouldn’t want to look back, to remember and relive at least one of their best days ever. 🙂

Sweet Gesture

Last week my husband and I were watching Love is Blind on Netflix. If you don’t know what this is, I recommend watching. Not because it is an amazing show (it’s actually insane) but because it’s great reality TV and it’s hard to stop watching.

The show is basically about a group of strangers who go in these small pods to “date” and get to know each other. They are on opposite sides of a thin wall so they can’t see who they’re talking to. Then after 10 days or less, they propose and get engaged….10 DAYS! They literally propose to a wall and can only hear each others voices. Once they are engaged, they finally see each other and start dating before their arranged marriage in 4 weeks.

There is one episode where one of the girls walked into her house and found a surprise gift waiting for her. She opened the gift and discovered her fiancé bought her a fancy new dress. It came with a note that said to put the dress on and to meet him downstairs for dinner. I told my husband Tommy that I thought this was a sweet and romantic gesture.

A couple of days after watching this episode, I came home and found a surprise gift in our room. There was a note next to the bag. Maybe you could wear one these tomorrow night at Daniel’s Broiler. I picked two just in case.

I was shocked. My husband went to Nordstrom, picked out not one but TWO dresses for me and made reservations for dinner the next day. I had all the warm + fuzzy feelings.

We had a delicious dinner at Daniel’s Broiler and I just couldn’t stop smiling thinking about what he did for me. We didn’t go for the steaks since they were so expensive but got a bunch of bomb sides and seafood appetizers instead. (We had a $50 gift card that I got from one of my students for Valentine’s Day and also used that. Teacher perks). Next time we might opt for the $140 dollar steak..yikes!

I was reminded once again just how lucky I am to have the most amazing and thoughtful hubby. Even as I am writing this now I can’t help but smile. Such a memorable Thursday night with the love of my life that sparked from the crazy reality show, Love is Blind. 🙂