Sweet Gesture

Last week my husband and I were watching Love is Blind on Netflix. If you don’t know what this is, I recommend watching. Not because it is an amazing show (it’s actually insane) but because it’s great reality TV and it’s hard to stop watching.

The show is basically about a group of strangers who go in these small pods to “date” and get to know each other. They are on opposite sides of a thin wall so they can’t see who they’re talking to. Then after 10 days or less, they propose and get engaged….10 DAYS! They literally propose to a wall and can only hear each others voices. Once they are engaged, they finally see each other and start dating before their arranged marriage in 4 weeks.

There is one episode where one of the girls walked into her house and found a surprise gift waiting for her. She opened the gift and discovered her fiancé bought her a fancy new dress. It came with a note that said to put the dress on and to meet him downstairs for dinner. I told my husband Tommy that I thought this was a sweet and romantic gesture.

A couple of days after watching this episode, I came home and found a surprise gift in our room. There was a note next to the bag. Maybe you could wear one these tomorrow night at Daniel’s Broiler. I picked two just in case.

I was shocked. My husband went to Nordstrom, picked out not one but TWO dresses for me and made reservations for dinner the next day. I had all the warm + fuzzy feelings.

We had a delicious dinner at Daniel’s Broiler and I just couldn’t stop smiling thinking about what he did for me. We didn’t go for the steaks since they were so expensive but got a bunch of bomb sides and seafood appetizers instead. (We had a $50 gift card that I got from one of my students for Valentine’s Day and also used that. Teacher perks). Next time we might opt for the $140 dollar steak..yikes!

I was reminded once again just how lucky I am to have the most amazing and thoughtful hubby. Even as I am writing this now I can’t help but smile. Such a memorable Thursday night with the love of my life that sparked from the crazy reality show, Love is Blind. 🙂

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