Best Day Ever?

Reminiscing almost 8 months after your wedding must mean you had such an amazing day, right? Some might say the best day ever? Honestly, I think about our wedding day often. Sometimes when I look at my husband while he is singing and dancing in the kitchen, playing with our pup Edgar, making silly nosies + sounds or keeping up with my extreme weirdness, (and I do mean extreme – only a select few know how weird I truly am)….I think about our wedding day. I think about who I married and how I made the absolute best choice. Even though in marriage the choice is mutual, I still like to pat myself on the back for making a good one.

I remember about two months after Tommy and I got married, someone was asking me about our wedding day (she was getting married in a couple of months) and was asking me if, “it really was the best day of my life?” Because you know, that is what everyone always says…#BEST DAY EVER!

At first I remember telling her yes, absolutely! Then I suddenly stopped myself as I thought about this question more and I told her no. No, it was not the best day of my life. Shocker, I know. But the reason why it wasn’t the best day of my life was because I didn’t want to choose one “best day.”

I have been with my husband for 10+ years, married for under 1 and while our wedding day was absolutely amazing (I wouldn’t change one single thing about it), it didn’t seem fair to call it the best day ever. How was I supposed to choose and put so much pressure on just one day, when I felt like there were so many other best days in our relationship over the years that we’ve been together?

Like the time we had a Seattle tourists date through Pike Place and went on The Great Wheel, when I surprised him on Valentine’s Day in his extended stay hotel room in New York, watching The Lion King on Broadway, when we celebrated NYE in New Orleans, when we spent the day determining the best Cheese Steaks in Philly (Dalessandros hands down), the time we bathed elephants in Thailand, saw John Legend in concert before he was JOHN LEGEND! (my absolute favorite singer), went to Edmonds beach for a picnic and watched the sunset, ordered Chinese food for a family of five (even though it was just for the two of us) and stuffed our faces at home on the couch, when we went out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants E.pulo Bistro, the day we got the keys to our house, when we drank Big Mamas at Jalapeños in Bellingham, took a road trip along the Oregon coast, that first day home with Edgar…I could go on and on.

So why would I want to and how could I choose just one day, our wedding, as the best day ever when we have already had so many best days and we still have so many more to come (fingers crossed).

But for the sake of reminiscing, I have uploaded some photos of our wedding. Because who wouldn’t want to look back, to remember and relive at least one of their best days ever. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Best Day Ever?

  1. OK, so it was only one of the many best days in your life. You have a lot more of them to look forward to in the future (which beings as soon as You read this). Stay healthy and safe as well as happy, Warmest regards, Ed

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