Weekly Goals

Coronavirus made its way to Seattle and it’s all I see, hear and have been thinking about throughout the day at school. Concerned parents have been emailing me saying they are going to keep their kids home (yesterday I had 10 kids say home). The kids who do come to school come in with bottles of hand sanitizer and bacterial wipes saying, “So and so from Mrs. so and so’s class has coronavirus! They have to go to the hospital! The virus, the virus! Did you know one MILLION people died from the virus? Our class is safe from the virus…right? They are 7 and 8 year olds, very dramatic but also very adorable.

So with all this talk about coronavirus and reminding the kids about hand washing/keeping germs away from their face, I started thinking about my own health and just overall improvement. I decided to create this Weekly Goals checklist to try to hold myself accountable on things I want to do to be healthier throughout the week and work on each day.

I tried to start with small things (gotta start somewhere). I’m hoping this helps me stick to my goals overall and continue to create new ones once I feel that I have met these. (Also I hope to stay clear of the coronavirus). Click here for a blank template if you want to download and create your own weekly goals. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Weekly Goals

  1. Yes, the news does focus one’s attention on the CORVID-19 in Washington. 8 or more hours of sleep does help the immune system to fight off “stuff.” Being hydrated also helps a lot. The hands washing and keeping unwashed hands away from the face is crucial. The experience of 1918-19 with the Spanish flue taught us that one needs to vigilant again after the summer. Hang in there. warmest regards, Ed

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